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Owner Philosophical Lion
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Product / Service
Title Empress
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Price 0.00
Currency United States dollar (USD)
new/used new
Total Pages 2
Detailed Description 'Mpress She's an 'Mpress in ivery way displaying pure,sensual,flavalicious,uplifting beauty xpressing the truthful issence of you inside out all the time flowing in the intire Valley sensationally with an Emperor,more so,than the King and Queen ruling a Kingdom made of Brick,Stone,Cement,man-made Doctrines and vanity that creates psychological,emotional burden on di masses abroad,etc. Sweet,zingful motions carries you to Iya Ites where actions speak louder than words leaving all Queens and Princesses to itinue dreaming of flowing like you do to the fullest whenever they love to;as she's already there showing to all that it doesn't take physical structures to make the woman she flows with all aspects rocking the Iniverse;plus,she have perspective views exceeding all limits and boundaries moving forward. She rises to di occasion above downpression with pure fiya bonning internally much zingfully while Iditating for Iself and de Valley that goes together with iverything you do in showcasing fearless rhythm while the Iniverse stands still with every move you make. The Garden Of Paradise is where "Whatever is Whatever" and her virtous mood seems inevitable while iverything grows in your presence sounding sweet to di touch. She doesn't take no for an answer whenever the call comes your way to help the Valley in the best ways she's able to with di toppa top top flava flava ting inlimitedly vybzing. Genocidal Inslavement is taking place as the Iniverse full of diverse people are being vanitized with so-called love,which turns out to be Illuminus acts i di base chakra doing whatever it takes to control mind and heart where InI a know de rising sensations is there with happenings iniversally "'Mpress" to itinue on doing tings with inner knowledge rocking as well as trusting her heartbeats to pump light from darkness all over,sending her to chakras beyond di major 7 flowing conscious awareness as she itinues to show dem that whatever's flowing from the heart on up counts all di way showcasing inconditional love touching bad-minded sources making dem pure. Actions speaks louder than words where I feel her ivery flow rising to and fro as much success to ascend iya beyond all tings propaganda zingfully overstanding dat love is there. Teaching on,zinging on,learning on are di many ways she flows with guidance to spread in galaxies beyond Earth and nurturing skills to make sure iveryting is all right whenever de valley views her fi love,power and issential motions rocking fluently to itect her all di weh.Her love mmmmm is a supernatural ting that's metaphysical,metaphorical,rising iniversally flavalicious,fruitiliciously non-stop spinning inecular molecules to powerful awakenings wherever she's able to drive and help di livication process rock rock rock on with. By: Tyrell "Philosophical Ty" Muir
Location (click owner name above for contact details)
City Brooklyn
State NY
Country United States
Created 2010-08-20
Category Poetry