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Owner original
Top Deck Publications (.com)
Product / Service
Title Ragabunny
Product/Service Web Link
Description A copy of the original, for illustration purposes only. The original is a good will mascot, created in a vajrayana experience with occurances happening over a few years, although the artist knew nothing of Vajrayana over that time. He felt a sure feelin that it is a multy religious inity symbol especially between Jews and Muslims...a solution...which is Ras Tafari...a symbol of love
Currency None
Detailed Description Ref: 'cape' south African fruit sticker The original is the vehicle within which the spirit is brought forth from heaven, although the spirit is free. Part of an 'animation' or a series of pictures which the artist has within his third eye and heart, when the spirit called Irie or cloe was not born in real life as a baby due to Babylon and the associated marriage breakup*; the object and artist cried with tears of love and the tears streamed down to create a triangle/road/rainbow/a tee pee within which the spirit slept and then lept back over the rainbow and was gone leaving the rainbow at the end, last frame. (as a seal of tears) It must be seen in a few different ways such as a Rabbit, but also a space ship(penguin chauffer's...etc possibly a Brooch/jewellery? although slavery is not tollerated! - presented here as silver but the original was all white and pencil. The artist thinks that it might be the depiction of a (virtual) reality system/machine(containing a set of frames) in the future and perhaps the past..Jah God's kindom on earth as it is in heaven and the migration of Imankind into such a system/s? , a solution to over population where one should not be lead into temptation*. The start of a new universe for each one, where one must learn on this earth* so that the future will not become Babylon again..but for many unfortunately it will. The original is protected by the earth sculpturist (was sent) and her people because in the drawings it is grown from the earth..
Location (click owner name above for contact details)
City hove
State sussex
Country United Kingdom
Created 2010-05-18
Category Paintings